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We are narrative sculptors. With a deep understanding of pacing, emotion, and continuity, we transform raw footage into a seamless and compelling cinematic experience.  In summary, we are storytelling magicians.

We develop show ideas (sizzles) then pitch to networks and platforms. These videos often use copyrighted materials to convey an idea or concept to buyers. Many of the sizzles we've edited have gone to series on networks such as Discovery, HGTV, DIY, Outdoor Channel, Oxygen and WGN.


Reality TV. Documentaries. Scripted.

Our process for working with clients on long format work allows remote access to our systems. Enabling story producers, AE's and Directors to either sit in, or have complete access to the project every step of the way. Show's we've been worked on include Guiding Alaska (Travel), Dogs Most Wanted (WGN), Feeding Alaska,  and others..

Long Format

And if you just need a great trailer for you film. We've got you covered.


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