Denver Coffee Companies Utilizing Video

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Video Content Marketing meets Coffee. 

It’s been said over and over, video works! Yet for some reason businesses still aren’t producing video content. We decided to do some digging to find a few companies that are actually using video to promote their brand. And we only wanted it to be coffee. Here’s what we found.

Black Eye Coffee

Black Eye Coffee has a video out that is wonderful. Unfortunately, this is the only video they have. They use it for the background on their website, and it can also be found on their vimeo. Such a creative dynamic piece. Just with there were more spots to go along with it. 

Whiskey Barrel Coffee

What an amazing video and story. A perfect spot for somebody to get an idea of their company, and who they are and their background. 5 minutes is often too long for a spot, but when you have it embedded on your website, and it’s properly produced. 5 minutes is fine. It’s all about pacing. All about if it hold your attention. Nice work WBC. 

Purple Door Coffee

I wouldn’t say this is our favorite video, but it’s got results. 31k views on Vimeo, which isn’t in the millions, but 31k is still a lot. And it’s all about their story, who they are, and their purpose. Great Work. 

The point it. Video works. As long as it’s good video. If these were poor quality phone videos just pieced together to have video. Then there’s a change they might actually prevent customers from coming in. 


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