Video Production

The Fey "Contender"

I can’t say enough about the work Aaron Thomas does with CueMotion. His lighting, coloring, and directing are well… Amazing. What can I say, I’m happy that he’s on the CueMotion team. And of course, I can’t forget the editing by Chris Feldbush. The newest editor helping us out on cuts.

A big thank you to the Fey for trusting CueMotion to produce their music video. Be careful when you listen to this song, it WILL get stuck in your head.

Union College

Here’s the video that kicked off a year long campaign for Union College. With 45 more short targeted videos to come. All of us here at CueMotion attended Union College in Lincoln Nebraska, and so going back and filming was well… nostalgic. Because Union College is one of those places that you have to experience to truly understand, we set out to make this spot exactly that… an experience. Enjoy. And go to UC.

Inspiration to keep you going

Sometimes it’s just hard to get your creative juices going. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to make progress on your work. So what do we do when that happens? We get on the internet, and look for videos that might help. I have no clue if this was every actually a spot from virgin mobile, but it sure is delightful to watch.

20 Liters

We have finally released a teaser for 20 Liters, our first short documentary. It sometimes feels like a distant memory, us being out there filming, getting to see these kids. But when I watch this, I’m always reminded that even though we went away, the problem stays. It didn’t stay with us, but it stayed with them. We can only pray that this film will touch the hearts of those who can give their time or money to help change the lives of these tribes.


Well it’s Tuesday, and you know what that means . . . Oh wait, you don’t yet. Because I’m just now starting this theme. Every-ish Tuesday I will be sharing a video that inspires us here at CueMotion. As a video production company, we want to create the best visuals, best stories, and best feelings as possible. And the only way to achieve that, is by learning from films, and techniques that are well . . . better than ours. So welcome to our first “Inspired Tuesday’s”.

What we’ve learned as a production company over the years, is that the most important element of a film, is the story. Everything else, all other techniques, are simply ways to enhance, and tell the story in the most effective, and provocative way. Today, we are sharing a spot we saw on Vimeo called Caroline. What we loved about it was the how torn we felt as viewers in the end. We sympathized with the mother and her plight, but at the same time, wonder what we’d have done as a bystander in the same situation. We love this film for the emotion it made us feel.

Union College, and More RED 8K

Well, it was back to Lincoln Nebraska again, but this time instead of filming for the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, we were working on promotional spots for Union College. The college we both attended. It was strange going back, and realizing you don’t know anybody, but then suddenly, 2 weeks go by and you know everyone.

We are excited to start sharing the content we filmed, and were honored that Union asked us to be the ones to help them. There was one thing that somebody said that stuck with us. They said, Union College is the best kept secret in Adventist Higher Education… And we agree. You just won’t know it until you experience it.