20 Liters

We have finally released a teaser for 20 Liters, our first short documentary. It sometimes feels like a distant memory, us being out there filming, getting to see these kids. But when I watch this, I’m always reminded that even though we went away, the problem stays. It didn’t stay with us, but it stayed with them. We can only pray that this film will touch the hearts of those who can give their time or money to help change the lives of these tribes.

Africa, you were Amazing

It was our first time filming in Africa, and it was amazing, yet also trying. We went out there to film about water, but quickly realized that while water is necessary for their survival, there is so much more that they need. We were thankful for the experience, and hope that we can represent them and their plight for water in the most accurate way possible. A big thank you to Maranatha for helping facilitate this passion project of ours.

We just wanted to quickly share some photos we took along the way. We also printed these for them to keep, which was fun because hardly any of them have pictures of themselves. So they all got a kick out of that.