When we set out to create a video of New Zealand, we wanted it to be authentic. To not simply show its beauty, but also their culture. We had no clue the Maori were such an integral part of their country. During the north Island tour, our Maori bus driver started to talk, and we knew immediately that he had to be the voice of this film. On our last day in New Zealand, we took a 4 hour detour to catch back up with him, setup our mic in the bus, and had him read the script. What an amazing voice. Of course, this was all to be apart of an extended promotion of Flying Kiwi, our tour company. We chose to film this with the Sony FS5, because how could you not film epic slow motion shots in New Zealand. Naturally the FS5 comes with its fair share of drawbacks, like buffering after 7 seconds of 240fps. But no camera is perfect.