A little history.

          Back in the year 2000, Andy’s older brother Mickey (also in the film business) was working on a Valentines video for his girlfriend. The night before, his computer crashed, and he lost the entire project he has worked so hard on. Enter Andy. The younger brother that wanted to help his big brother out. He decided because Mickey didn’t have any time to re-edit the spot, he’d give it a go. The first all nighter then took place, along with a new found love for editing. Since that moment, Andy has been filming and editing everything. Years go by, Andy is working as a full time editor at an animation and visual effects company called Outpost 12 Studios. Gaining experience working with advertising agencies, and local businesseses. Born an entrepreneur, it didn’t take long for him to leave Outpost, and start what today is known as CueMotion. Andy started CueMotion while dating a beautiful college girl name Rachel. While she was studying to be a nurse, she always had her hands in productions. Andy relied on her for notes, and fresh eyes. Eventually they married, and moved to Colorado, where Rachel was a labor and deliver nurse, and Andy took a job with Orion Entertainment, to learn Network TV and long format editing. 4 years have gone by, and now Rachel and Andy are travelers, videographers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Working on a wide variety of works. Adventure Tourism, Small Business, Documentary, Network TV, and still the occasional wedding.