A little History

CueMotion started back in 2010. I (Andy) was working as an editor at an animation company called Outpost 12 Studios. I decided it was time to start my own business, and officially registered the name. Back then, we were only a small cinematic wedding company, but we made a name for ourselves in that industry very quickly and opened our first office space in downtown Lincoln.

Our plan was to eventually transition from weddings to commercial work, and that’s exactly what we did. Starting small with non-profits like Nebraska Community Blood Bank, then bigger with Union College, Bader-Rutter, ADDY Awards, Union Bank & Trust, and then landed a project with the University of Nebraska arts department that would in turn make CueMotion one of the premiere production companies in Lincoln NE.

For 5 years straight we worked with UNL on their campaigns, while simultaneous starting to dip our toes into reality TV. Through my contracts with Dorsey Entertainment (Then Orion Entertainment) I have helped develop over 10 series that have aired on HGTV, Discovery, DIY, Outdoor Channel and more. It was because of that work that we are who we are today. A company that specialized in cinematic story telling.
Who knows where we will be in 20 years from now. Perhaps we will be nominated for an academy award, or maybe we will be in Africa telling the story of a long lost tribe. There are so many paths, and so many uncertainties in life, but no matter which direction we go, there is one thing we are certain of… We are excited for the ride.

CueMotion Beginnings Wide

Year 2010