We started CueMotion on Jan 1, 2010 in Lincoln NE. Just a little wedding video production company. It didn’t take but 2 years for our little company to start spreading it’s wings and move from weddings, to commercial work. In 2012, we transported our business from Lincoln to Denver to pursue reality TV work. It was there we gained experience working with Orion Entertainment on shows such as Building Alaska, Guiding Alaska, Kodiak and others that have gone on to air on Networks such as Discover, DIY, Outdoor Channel, Travel Channel and more. All this editing of outdoor and travel shows got us thinking. Thinking about our desires to travel. Thus started our journey to pursue the life of working while traveling.


Luckily for us, everybody in the world needs video, and people keep watching reality TV. And in terms of employees, well we encourage everybody that works for us to travel as well. As long as we can keep the work going, we should be able to live and work from wherever we desire, at least that’s our philosophy. Sure it’s unconventional . . . But it’s also awesome.